Spooky and Fun Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Halloween Party

The cropped limbs and the walking dead can be suitable for adult Halloween parties. But young children (and their parents) often prefer age-appropriate fun over a night of frightful scare.

Whether you're planning a Halloween party as a trick-or-treating alternative or before the kids go door-to-door, there are plenty of ways to make sure your party is fun.

If you are throwing a children's party, you will also need ideas to entertain everyone.

So we've put together some spooky Halloween party ideas to get kids of all ages in the holiday spirit and make this October 31st even more fun.

Here are some tips for a great Halloween party for kids.

Halloween Party Invitations

Show parents that you are throwing a fun, family-friendly Halloween party, starting with the invitations.

Choose festive Halloween colors and images for your invitations that show your party won't be a night of blood and blood.

Invite your kids to help create beautiful rubber stamp invitations or use ready-made themed invitations. You can even get creative and create your own party invitations on your computer with Halloween clip art and festive fonts.

Halloween Decorations

Decorating Halloween parties is half the fun of organizing them. Consider using a dry ice mist pumpkin as a centerpiece to impress kids of all ages.

And instead of using scary plastic spiders, you can make some cute crochet spiders placed on yarn fabrics around your house.

Bring some Halloween decorations to the backyard to complete the party scene. But remember, when planning your décor, think about your younger guests and what might scare them.

Fun food and drinks for Halloween parties

Devilish dishes are a must at a Halloween party but don't go overboard on the theme. Older children may like the nasty factor, such as putting fake blood (eg, Ketchup) in food.

But younger children will need the menu to be shortened. Consider offering festive treats like sweet corn husks and caramel in cute Halloween shapes.

Drinks are another item that should be festive, but not too scary or gross for a kids' Halloween party.

Try making a living green Halloween monster out of ginger ale, lemon sorbet, and a few drops of green food coloring.

Or give kids the chills with a spiderweb Halloween shake drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Halloween party games

Make sure your guests have fun with the Halloween party games. You can create some homemade carnival games or spend some energy on a mummy race.

Divide the guests into teams and each team chooses one person to wrap in toilet paper as a "mummy." The first team to finish the toilet paper roll wins.

Halloween Crafts

Let your guests express their creative side with Halloween crafts that kids can keep as keepsakes. Small scarecrows can be made from popsicle sticks, straws, scraps of cloth, and glue.

Or you can have everyone make mini haunted houses out of recycled materials like cardboard boxes. You can even make them from edible materials similar to gingerbread houses.

Candy bags

Even if party guests are trick-or-treating, it may be a nice gesture to send them home with a small bag of goodies. You can even make a festive felt bag for them to use every Halloween.

Or print a paper bag from a free online template. You can decorate the paper bag with stamps, stickers, or ribbons.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about how to throw the ultimate Halloween party with these fun ideas:

Source: BuzzFeed Nifty

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