Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment, What's the Difference?

If you plan to rent an apartment yourself, you may be trying to decide whether you want to live in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment.

You might even find that the two terms are used interchangeably due to an additional architectural element that could technically sculpt a room in space.

Both types of apartments are very popular for individual tenants and each has its own advantages. Sometimes a study or bedroom can be almost the same size, but your monthly payment can vary substantially.

It is worth knowing the pros and cons of each type of apartment rental before making a decision.

What is a study?

A studio apartment is a compact one-bedroom apartment, except for the bathroom, which is in a separate space. Inside a large room, you will have a compact kitchen, which is limited kitchen space with no dividing walls.

There are two special types of studio apartments that can cost a little more than a standard studio. An alcove study will have a corner for a bed that you can use as a curtain.

Another type of studio is called a junior one-bedroom apartment, which is considered an upgraded studio apartment. Not to be confused with a real one-bedroom apartment.

A junior one-bedroom apartment may have a partially installed or permanent wall placed somewhere to separate the bed from the rest of the space. However, the sleeping area in a junior one-bedroom apartment is not an enclosed space and may not have a window either.

Depending on the geographic location you are looking to rent from, an apartment can be as small as 300 square feet or as large as more than 1,000 square feet.

Studios and a bedroom in dense urban areas tend to be smaller than those in less crowded suburban areas.

People who rent an apartment like to pay less rent each month, which translates into significant savings year after year. The floor plan of a study makes it relatively easy to decorate and does not require as much furniture to give the feeling of being "assembled".

Studios are ideal for tenants who don't have many belongings to display or keep on hand in their apartment.

What is a one-bedroom apartment?

A one-bedroom apartment has a separate and independent bedroom. A one-bedroom rental may also have one or two additional lockers. However, again, depending on your geographic location, a one-bedroom apartment can be the same square footage as a rental apartment.

One-bedroom apartments attract tenants who want more space and multiple rooms in their apartments. Having a separate bedroom is good for tenants who like to have a lot of fun or have overnight guests (they can sleep more privately on the sofa in the other room).

Also, if you work remotely, you may prefer to spend your workday in a different room than the one you sleep in every night, to change scenery.

When to choose a study over a One-Bedroom?

Some tenants who can afford a one-bedroom apartment decide they prefer or at least don't mind, living in a studio. Living in a studio has many benefits.

You can potentially save on utility costs because you won't have to heat or light separate areas if that's a separate rental cost. Also, you can add your own separate bedroom using creative methods such as dividing it with curtains or a tall bookcase.

However, you will not pay the additional price as you would for a one-bedroom rental.

If that's your situation, consider looking for a studio, but budgeting more for your rental. For example, look for a larger studio in a prime location that offers great views of your city or a nearby park or lake, or in a building that offers more amenities.

Deciding between renting a studio apartment or a one-bedroom unit comes down to thinking of a one-bedroom apartment as an upgrade (since it costs more) and deciding whether the upgrade is worth it to you.

One-bedroom apartments offer certain benefits in exchange for a higher rent. For example, a one-bedroom apartment may have more amenities, such as a larger kitchen and washer/dryer connections. But these benefits are not always valuable to all tenants.

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Source: Apartment Guide

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