Stunning Color Palettes for Earth Signs

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The Best Color Palette for Earth Signs

When it comes to deciding on color palettes, it can be difficult to know where to start. While we can easily research the latest trends or base concepts on our favorite colors, we also want to create an atmosphere that represents our personality.

Referencing our zodiac signs, as well as the psychology of color, is a great way to help determine why we are drawn to certain colors and what they say about us.

For the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the most common color associations that come to mind are neutrals. While neutral tones like black, brown, white, and gray certainly work well to represent the orderly, grounded, and simple aspects of these signs, there is much more to them than meets the eye.

Your element may be on the earth, but you shouldn't feel that you need to follow these shades to reflect your true personality; There are ways to color your space that still sound true to who you are.

For each board, we have provided two different color palettes to help showcase some of its most recognizable qualities. From stunning soft pinks, darker blues, and hues of gold, take a look at some stunning color palettes for your earth sign that will inspire you to think outside the box.

Virgo: Peach, Dark Blue, Forrest Green

Often labeled reserved, most wouldn't assume you'd like to adopt too many colors, but they're underestimating it. Strives for an environment that is well balanced and encourages calm and conversation. A peach hue is a great way to brighten up your space due to its association with warmth and relaxation.

Pair it with a deeper blue to create contrast and balance. Your association with intelligence and power are traits you admire. Spread it out with a forest green that invokes growth and ultimately serves as a great backdrop for the other two to erupt.

All three colors have a way of making a statement without overlapping, which is an ideal concept for you.

Virgo: Burnt Orange, Golden Yellow, Hunter Green, Rust Red

If you don't prefer brighter shades, don't worry. Another fantastic concept for Virgos includes working with darker and softer colors than the originals. With the Virgo season in late August and early September, it's no wonder you're drawn to a more autumnal display of color.

Burnt oranges, golden yellow, hunter green, and rust-colored reds remind us of the idea of ​​cleaning up what is not right for us and planning what follows, something Virgo is very fond of.

Of course, using brown or gray as a background for these shades would make a lot of sense, but it wouldn't take the spotlight away.

Capricorn: Emerald Green, Navy, and Gold

You are not the type to exaggerate your style, but you will really appreciate anything that is thoughtful and sophisticated. Emerald green is the center of attention here and is known to be a color that represents prosperity, abundance, and growth.

Given your determination for success and achievement, it serves as a great inspiration to you to stay on the right track. Pairing it with navy blue, which is known to work well with most colors, is a great option. The Navy lends itself to feelings of power, authority, and respect, all strong Capricorn qualities.

To keep things from feeling too heavy, highlight it with gold decor to give it a sophisticated and elegant vibe without having to try too hard.

Capricorn: Magenta, Plum, and Black

This color combination looks a bit sassy and dramatic, but it still resonates well with the Capricorn mood. The mostly black walls give a feeling of certainty and security and provide a perfect contrast to the lighter options.

Magenta gets a lot of attention but still manages to be softer than standard reds or hot pinks. It promotes compassion and satisfaction, aspects for which you are not always known, but that you absolutely possess.

Plum forms a seamless transition between these two shades, causing less contrast and forming a smooth transition. These three colors create an inspiring and luxurious space that shows your creative side.

Taurus: Pale Pink, Mint Green, and White

Of all the earth signs, you are much more receptive to the brightest and most fun hues. Your personality reflects comfort, luxury, and a well-founded mindset. The shades of light pink and mint green are reminiscent of the image of flowers blooming and a new life taking shape; As someone who revels in natural beauty, this is a delicious option.

Combining them with white tones creates a feeling of openness and space that gives you peace of mind. You can also work in various shades of green to add dimensions, such as a darker green printed accent wall or the natural lighter green of a houseplant. Ultimately, these colors work together to create a fun, brighter atmosphere that suits you.

Taurus: Lavender, Millennial Pink, Charcoal Gray, Gold

If you'd rather not work exclusively with brighter shades, this palette works well for you. While Taurus signs generally appreciate natural beauty, they also have a penchant for luxurious and elegant things. This ancient rose promotes sweetness, calm, and sensitivity.

Combined with a lavender violet that serves as a reminder of tranquility and elegance, it is a perfect way to set the stage for a dreamy mood. Add charcoal gray to the mix for a sense of security and authority that isn't as harsh as black, a perfect way to stay connected and present.

For an added touch of opulence, highlight with small amounts of gold.

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