The 5 Best Paint Colors to Choose for a Bright Front Door

Your front door plays an important role in the curb appeal of your home. After the landscaping or porch project, it is the first impression your guests have of your home, so you need to decorate it with intention.

If you're looking for a front door paint color that creates a bright and welcoming environment for you and your family, look no further.

Painting your front door is a great way to add personality or a pop of color to your home without going through a complete exterior renovation.

Read the five best paint colors for your front door.

Light Blue

Complementary Colors: Softer yellows and deeper gold tones, including others.
It pairs well with lighter blues, grays, whites, and gold accents.

Mood: calm, serene

Aditional uses: As an accent color on kitchen islands, benches, or other furniture. It also works well in smaller spaces like bathrooms.

The soothing light blue brings your home a vintage and elegant look that reminds you of New Egland houses and colors.


Complementary colors: white, metallic, green, blue

It pairs well with black windows and a crisp white exterior for a fresh, modern look.

Mood: elegant, sophisticated

Additional uses: Use as a dramatic highlight for window finishes, interior doors, fireplaces, and other detail items.

Black as an accent color on the front door makes a bold statement, while still being a neutral background for other exterior decorations.

Bright pastel pink

Complementary colors: blue and green

It pairs well with whites like Great White or blues like St. Giles Blue, as well as lighter and darker shades of pink.

Mood: uplifting, cheerful

Additional uses: Use it on entry doors, as an accent color in vintage items like bathtubs, and of course in small, cheerful children's rooms.

Bright pink can be used sparingly as an accent color to make a bold statement or can be painted on entire walls to create a magical atmosphere for the young or young at heart.


Complementary colors: pink and mauve

It goes well with delicate shades like the white tie and pavilion blue.

Mood: calming, cheerful

Additional uses: Use on window sills, shelves, cabinets, and/or in small spaces, like bathrooms, for a spa feel.


Complementary colors: blue

It pairs well with soft beiges, but can also be used as a primary color if balanced with neutral whites or slate blue.

Mood: carefree, sophisticated

Additional uses: dining room or living room or kitchen, gender-neutral nurseries

This color celebrates the warmth and simplicity found exclusively in desert landscapes.

It is rooted in the earth and is a perfect elemental color that complements natural tones and textures.

Make a bold statement and light up your front door with a mysterious blue or pink blush. Your renovated entryway will welcome you home with open arms and instantly lighten your mood and curb appeal.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about choosing front door colors:

Source: Cityline

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