These Are the Most Common Mistakes We Make as Party Guests

After another year of mostly socializing via our laptops and phones, it's safe to say that even the most seasoned party guests could freshen up a bit when it comes to etiquette by gathering * sighs * in real life.

As your schedule begins to fill with neighborhood festivals and weekend cocktails, you need to do your best to avoid the most common mistakes people make as party guests.

Thank us later when I'm the most polite event attendee in the neighborhood. So here are 4 tips from etiquette experts:

1. Don't ask if you are allowed to bring a +1

Have you seen an influx of visitors recently? Just because your sister has decided to pay you an impromptu visit or because your college roommate and her family are passing through town doesn't automatically mean they have the right to appear at Mrs. Smith's barbecue on the street that night.

If she decides that she wants to take someone with you, check with the host. Don't bring one more unless they release you on that one.

2. Forgetting to RSVP

In a world full of text messages, emails, and Instagram direct messages, it's easy to forget about traditional RSVP.

We get so used to not showing up or giving up everything.

Still, it is essential to confirm or decline your presence at an event. Because? Simply put, hosts need to plan for the size of their location, food, drinks, and how many people to expect.

3. Not paying attention to the dress code

Before choosing your evening outfit, check the party invitation to determine if there is a theme or dress code.

You don't want to show up in jeans and a T-shirt while all the other guests are wearing a business casual dress or even a cocktail party. After all, you want to be noticed, but for the right reasons.

4. Arrive too early

Of course, you can go crazy seeing your friends, especially after being apart for so long last year. But do not arrive at an event before the time indicated on the invitation. Your hosts may not be ready for you.

That said, you want to be on time and not be late. If it is a flow-type event, it should still arrive within the first 15 minutes.

Spend at least 45 minutes in a cocktail party or meeting scheduled for an hour and a half.

When you arrive at a meeting, greet your host and thank him for the invitation before serving himself food and drink.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about more tips on how to be a good party guest:

Source: Apartment Therapy

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