Things You Can Buy at a Thrift Store to Organize Your Kitchen

Reuse is a sustainable, inexpensive, and unique way to store and separate essential kitchen items. Plus, it's nice when you can get a good deal while you breathe new life into unwanted items.

From storing utensils to keeping necessities on hand, vintage products can make your kitchen a more pleasant place, turning someone else's trash into your treasure.

So why not scour the thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores, and yard sales in search of your next organizational discovery?

Beware: saving is addictive, especially if you find a bargain. But don't be afraid to splurge: Depending on the condition, rarity, and reason, some unique finds can cost a lot of money.

Each of the four suggestions below is commonly found in retail and maybe just what you need to organize your kitchen.

Stoneware jars

Price range: $ 10- $ 30 and more depending on the detail
Original purpose: Crocks of food stored ahead of time in refrigerators.
Reuse: use stoneware to store utensils, towels, and potholders.

The price of stoneware varies a lot, as some have decorative designs painted in shades of blue. However, they can cost hundreds of dollars and are for display, so choose a simple one to store your wares. The pots initially stored foods like butter and salted meat. The stoneware was thrown on a potter's wheel, which means that these pieces are unique handcrafted relics.

Due to their height, the pots are ideal for holding tall utensils such as spatulas and mixers. For another purpose, wrap your display-worthy tea towels and place them inside stoneware so they are readily available.

Soda boxes

Price range: $ 25- $ 40, depending on the brand
Original objective: soft drink companies delivered their bottles in sturdy wooden boxes.
Reuse: Organize your spices in an instant into sections.

Before the days of disposable plastic, beverage companies placed their glass bottles in divided wooden boxes for storage and delivery. Many of these carriers have survived and have recognizable names painted on the sides, such as Coca-Cola and 7 Up.

If your spices are in modern containers, place the box horizontally and place the bottles inside. Don't worry if you don't complete all the sections, as you can easily insert a small plant or rolled tea towels into the unused portions. For less attractive spice cans, set the soda box aside.

Then fill the box with the tops of the bottles facing in, so that you only see rows of container bottoms filled with spices.

Here's this article about how to stock your pantry

Cake racks

Price range: $ 10- $ 25 and up depending on the design.
Original Purpose: Cake racks are perfect for displaying celebratory desserts.
Reuse: Let these raised plates take the place of a layered tray.

Of course, you can still use a platform for the original purpose of presenting cute cakes. However, stepped trays are essential for decorating a farmhouse, so buy a raised stand. You can get these rigs for a relatively low price, although Depression-era parts or hand-painted struts may cost a bit more.

Use a cake stand to hold your salt and pepper shakers, stack tea towels, or keep fruit on hand to go. As well as being great for organization, you can intersperse candles, decorations, and small plants with your functional pieces.

Locker baskets

Price range: $ 15- $ 40
Original Purpose: Wire baskets have helped organize belongings during sporting events.
Reuse: Keep lost tea towels and cups organized and accessible.

Cabinet baskets may seem like an odd addition to a kitchen, but they turn out to be quite useful. What Before Secured sneakers can perform a multitude of functions in your kitchen cabinets and countertop.

Use baskets to store travel glasses or organize storage containers with the lids that come with them. These wire holders can beautifully display folded tea towels or keep packaged snacks easily accessible on your countertop. Store several cake pans or cutting boards aside inside a cabinet basket.

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