This Is How to Throw a Party Your Guests Will Never Forget

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The 9 Essential Elements of a Great Party

What makes a party great? Here it is reduced to nine essential elements. Without these things, a party can be beautiful, but the next day your guests won't wake up thinking:

What a party was amazing! To make sure your guests don't stop talking about your sensational event, even weeks after the last bottle of sparkling wine, here are the nine crucial components of how to host a party.

An Enticing Invitation

An ingredient in party planning that is often overlooked, but shouldn't be, is the invitation. Because? Because it sets the tone for the event. When you open a thoughtful and tantalizing invitation, your guests will immediately be thrilled with the arrival of the party. A seductive invitation comes in all shapes and sizes. The beautiful, thick handwriting is charming, but so is a heartfelt, hysterical email. Include all relevant information (time, place, occasion, dress code, etc.) and any other entertainment - the more personal, the better.

An Interesting Group of Guests

There must be some exclusivity in your event. You don't want to invite everyone you know. Instead, propose several guests, say 10 for a dinner honoring your half birthday or 50 for your parents' 40th birthday celebration, and treat an interesting group of people.

Attract people from all walks of your life. Do you think your new office buddy would get along with your high school buddy? Invite them to dinner and be sure to seat them next to each other. Consider the individual personalities of your guests.

“The best audience will include introverts and extroverts, great speakers, excellent listeners, and people of all ages.
The best audience will include introverts and extroverts, great talkers and excellent listeners, and people of all ages. "

Festive Décor

Your event doesn't have to be so over the top, but you do need to transform your space, even if it's a studio! - with fresh flowers, sparkling candles, and a beautiful tablecloth.

Streamers and balloons are also welcome. Colorful pillows and blankets and a hanging sign that says "Happy Birthday, [Name]" in bright letters are other great ideas.

A Lively Playlist

Without music, a party can feel like a gathering, so turn up the volume and set the mood with an animated playlist. If you create a playlist, make sure you have several hours of music and choose the songs that will go through the event.

The music that plays during dinner should be different from the music that plays afterward. Keep things relaxed and calm during the meal, then play the dance songs to get the crowd moving.

Other ideas? Set Spotify as your favorite channel. If it's a larger party, like a wedding or birthday, consider live music talent. A band or DJ will take the pressure off the hostess. If for any reason the music falls in the middle of the party, be sure to restore it immediately!

Thoughtful Details

The best receptionists are attentive and will take care of the small details of your event to delight your guests. She will serve a menu of the guest of honor's favorite foods and decorate it in her favorite color.

A seating chart with seating cards, a blackboard with the evening's menu, a favor that guests will really appreciate later on; All of these little things, when combined, create a memorable event. Don't overlook the details!

Delicious Food

It's not a party without delicious food, so don't forget the menu. It doesn't matter if the party takes place at unusual times, like a bachelorette party that starts after lunch at 1.30 pm; you still need to have a snack for your guests.

You don't have to be a crazy cook to make a good cheese plate; You just have to make friends with the cheesemaker at the local market and arrange everything on a plate.

It's also perfectly acceptable to serve up Costco crudité dishes or fried chicken wings from your favorite Korean restaurant, as long as you remove everything from the package.

Serve on elegant or sturdy plates to keep food warm. If you want to make a menu of homemade sauces and savory snacks, make as much as you can ahead of time. You don't want to work hard in the kitchen while your guests are having fun in the living room!

"The element of surprise is one of the things your guests will be chatting with and texting tomorrow, so get creative!"

Potent Cocktails

For some people, alcohol is not a necessary part of a fun party; I am not one of those people. Of course, you don't want to bartender all night, so if you can whip up a cocktail in bulk before the party, go for it.

Make a margarita jar of sangria punch bowl and offer them a drink when guests arrive. Other options are to set up a bar and let guests make their own drinks, or simply offer beer and wine. Proper cups preferred, but not required - Solo cups work well.

An Element of Surprise

Whether it's a photo booth where guests can take fun photos, a jazz artist performance, or an entire table covered in delicious desserts, there should be an element of surprise at your event.

It doesn't have to be crazy, just something no one expected. Serve bread from the city's new bakery that has a huge waiting list, have an after-dinner port wine tasting, or open an expensive bottle of red wine - it's a party, after all!

Group Bonding Activities

The games are good; Basically, you want everyone to do something together that makes them more relaxed and friendly.

They don't have to be fancy, but adding an element of competition to your night out will liven things up. Trivia and riddles are classic and timeless board games - they never get old, because they are fun!

Do you want something more modern? Cards Against Humanity is a great way to get people talking, and the table themes are good for a more subdued dinner. Other ideas: croquet, Mexican train, and karaoke.

Follow these tips for throwing a party and you're on your way to earning the title of Guest of the Year.

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