Tips To Create Your Own Meditation Space

A home should always be a place of calm and comforting feelings, an oasis in the middle of a busy world. You surround yourself with objects that you love, colors that make you feel happy, and family photos that bring back happy memories.

But what if you reserved a special corner or even a room in your house completely dedicated to banishing stressful emotions? Meditation is a great way to do this, focusing, breathing, and clearing your mind.

Your meditation practice can be enhanced through comfortable surroundings and thoughtful design details, which you can achieve in your own home without going to a studio.

Here are some tips for the meditation space to help you say namaste quickly:

Adopt minimal decor

When it comes to a meditation space, less is often more - for your own space, incorporate simple pillows, a stool, and a textured rug area, and you're ready to meditate in a simple yet elegant space.

Choose soft colors

While bright, bold colors can be fun, pastels and whispers have something that is very relaxing. Although your eyes are probably closed while you meditate, it is important to feel comfortable in the space as soon as you sit down. Look for pastel meditation pillows and other accessories when designing your own space.

Make it light and bright

When you're meditating, it can be nice to have a little sun on your skin and a breeze coming through a window. When creating your meditation corner, try placing it next to a window and giving it some flair with a faux fur rug, fabric ottoman, small ladder, and meditation essentials like essential oil and a diffuser.

Get bohemian

Bohemian decor naturally lends itself to meditation spaces. You can gather your best bohemian pieces to build your free-spirited meditation corner, which includes an attractive chair, tribal fabrics, and patterned pillows.


You should be more comfortable in your meditation space; After all, sometimes sitting cross-legged isn't as relaxed as you might think. Give yourself a soft place to land by placing soft pillows, cushions, and blankets in your space. Your sofa can even double as your meditation seat.

Take your meditation space outdoors

It makes perfect sense to practice meditation outdoors, where you can absorb the sounds of birdsong and the wind blowing through the trees. You can design it however you want (just make sure to include waterproof pieces and materials suitable for outdoors) or you can take advantage of an afternoon of meditation in a space equipped with fabrics, candles, and dreamy vintage pieces.

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Source: Alexandra Gater

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