What is your DIY personality?

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These are the 7 types of home improvers!

Different personality types among DIYers, from 'obsessive' to 'overpressive'.

"When we did our research, we found that home improvisers fell into one of seven categories: reluctant, obsessive, impulsive, clumsy, planning, overwhelmed, and uncomfortable," said Harris Brushes spokeswoman Sonia Sanghera. "And we believe that most people will be able to identify at least one of them in their circle of family and friends."

Take a look at the following seven types. What kind of DIY are you?

1. The "reluctant" DIYer has some old brushes and rollers collecting dust in the shed along with a can of paint they bought in 2006 and they will try to freshen up the kitchen walls with it.

2. The "obsessive" may be more of a fanatic for some, but in his eyes, if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. His dedicated workspace houses, not one but five tools for each job and they are always happy to offer advice to family, friends ... and local paint shop staff!

3. The "impulsive" person decides after a glass of wine on a Friday night that the kitchen wall needs paint and there is no need for duct tape, let's do it!

4. The poor clumsy painter's heart is always present, but unfortunately, his skills don't match his enthusiasm and his DIY attempts have been known to end in domestic disaster.

5. "Planners" figure out the best way to get the job done, to thoroughly clean and prepare the area, and to pay so much attention to detail that they easily lose track of time. A job that should have lasted a weekend could last until the next national holiday.

6. The downtrodden among us would love to try a mural, but fear that the work will appear huge. They have no idea where to start, so they never do.

7. The flaky DIYer is full of enthusiasm at first, buys paint and tools for the job, and removes the wallpaper in preparation, but soon loses interest and is happy to leave the wall behind the closet; nobody does it. and there's a great movie that starts in five minutes.

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