Easy Ways To Introduce Green Into Your Bathroom

Green is not only a hit in the kitchen, it is also the most coveted color in the bathroom.

A new report from online bathroom retailer Victorian Plumbing revealed the top bathroom color trends of 2021.

It turns out that earth tones are dominating the bathroom because sage and pistachio are the most sought-after bathroom colors of the year.

It's no wonder eco-friendly toilets are on the rise. These distinctive shades of green (sage and pistachio) lend themselves to a restful space, perfect for a relaxing night of bathing.

But if those shades aren't to your liking, then a slightly bolder green is on the list too; the rich and vibrant emerald.

Here are some eco-bathroom ideas and important tips on how to introduce greenery into this space.

1. A touch of luxury

It's not just living rooms that can look elegant - add style by adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom layout.

"Combine greens with a darker color palette to bring out the sophisticated and timeless side of this color," says Jo Crane, designer and showroom manager at Ripples Reigate.

'Look to add a touch of metallic and champagne tones.'

2. Contemporary vs. Traditional

With so many shades of green available, choosing the right shade will depend on the style and decor of your bathroom.

“When it comes to green, the end result will depend on the color tone you used,” explains Jo. “If your bathroom has a traditional curvature, then you should look for leafy greens.

If a contemporary space is more your style, the more daring, the better. '

3. Test the trend

If you want to try the trend, look for furniture and accessories, from dressers to mirrors, for an instant update.

“A reference radiator with a splash of color is also a great design choice; Colored radiators not only elevate a space, but they can also increase heat production by up to 20 percent, ”adds Jo.

Alternatively, you can insert smaller green accents in your bathroom, such as a toothbrush and soap holder or a set of green towels.

4. Plantlife

We're always talking about the benefits of indoor plants and how to create an indoor oasis, and it shouldn't stop at the bathroom.

From shower plants to ground floors, choose a plant that loves moisture for your bathroom.

“The introduction of plant life in the bathroom makes this space connect with the outside and transform it from a cold clinical space into a habitable space; one that you want to spend time with, ”says Jo.

No green fingers? Instead, it pretends to be an artificial plant.

5. Create a statement

"If you want to create a standout look in your bathroom, painting the exterior surface of a bathtub can really enhance the space," suggests Jo.

"Go for a subtle shade of green mixed with encaustic tiles to create a hotel-inspired bathroom."

6. The detail is in the decoration

A popular way to add color to your bathroom is with a distinctive tile or the use of different materials, but it's important to do so in moderation, Jo advises: 'Look to introduce a mosaic detail into the shower cubicle, stained glass too. it would work fine. - Consider using the glass as a vanity unit with a hint of fresh mint green. '

7. Bring the outdoors indoors

"Green works great with natural woods. I'm always a fan of forest greens mixed with shades of copper and brass for accessories," says Jo.

'Consider using lighter wood tones with darker greens and hints of walnut to offset the brighter lime greens.'

We hope you enjoy watching this video about bathroom design and plant styling secrets:



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