How to Add Some Style To Your Bar Cart

If you love entertaining at home, a bar cart is an essential piece of furniture for your living room

Whether you're a mixologist, a great host, or both, the most important thing to remember is that bar carts shouldn't always be used for drinks.

They make great decorative furniture and can also be great for storage, whether it's for displaying your favorite tabletop books or a potted plant.

It's important that your beverage cart looks good too, so to make sure it's as stylish as the rest of your home, we've talked to five interior design experts about how to design a bar cart.

1. Incorporate declarative glass utensils

No beverage cart is complete without glasses but you need to think carefully about what it will serve and stock accordingly.

"Bar carts create an occasion feel in any living room as they are a perfect accompaniment to entertaining guests, but no bar cart is complete without beautiful glasses," says Ivana Allain, Helen Green Studio Director.

Design. “We recommend a jug or two for aerating wines and simple but practical glasses and stemware. The longer and thinner the glass, the more pleasant it will be to handle and the more elegant it will look."

2. Use the top and bottom of the bar car

If you have a multi-tier bar cart, it's important to use the top and bottom to balance the decor.

Too many bottles on one side can make it look messy, so put bottles of similar weights on opposite sides at different levels. Of course, this doesn't have to be perfect symmetry.

"Always put the bottles on the bottom and the glasses on the top of the bar cart," says Eva Leone, Lawson Robb study director. This is practical because it is safer to put heavier items on the bottom.

Bar carts should not be used exclusively for drinks and glasses. You can add accessories like vases, small sculptures, or flowers to create an alternative use for your bar cart with a focus on sculptural art.

3. Make some space for the flowers

The easiest way to create a casual yet charming bar cart is to incorporate natural elements into it.

While the bar carts may be busy decorating, leaving room for the flowers can make the beverage station seem approachable rather than intimidating - choose tall vases and smaller bouquets to save space.

"When designing your bar cart, don't just think of cute whiskeys and fancy glasses, plants, and flowers bring personality and life to your window and soften all that glass and shiny surfaces,'' explains Alexandra Laird, Design Manager of Burbeck interior.

You could use a sturdy succulent or aloe vera for a long-lasting addition, or you could try a more feminine arrangement of your favorite colorful flowers.

4. Use cocktail ingredients as a garnish

Cocktail garnishes add the finishing touch to your drinks, but why not use the ingredients as a garnish as well?

For example, a mint plant can help liven up the beverage cart, both visually and through smell, while a bowl of citrus fruits can help with visual interest.

5. Match the season with the drink of your choice

To keep your bar cart always on-trend, match your drink with the season.

This will not only keep your bar cart up to date and up to date, but you will also be able to center your designated color scheme around the color of the bottles.

For example, the fall season is defined by colorful hues of red, orange, yellow, purple, and brown, so it would be nice to decorate the bar cart with bottles of bourbon, fall spices, and blueberries.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about how to style your bar cart:

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