6 Ways to Find the Best Local Running Races

Whether you want to run your first 5km or are training for your fifth marathon, finding the right run is key. Running street races is a great way to stay motivated, meet other runners, have fun, and achieve a personal goal.

With so many options, many runners (especially beginners) choose to stay in place and sign up for races that take place in their own cities. We recommend choosing a race that lasts between six and 12 weeks and registering early. Ready to choose a career to reach your goal? This is where to start.

Contact your local running club

Most running clubs sponsor at least a few local races each year. If you are not sure if there are clubs in your area, visit the Road Runners Club of America to find one closest to you. Even if they don't sponsor races, chances are they know about other local races taking place in your area. If you become a member of the club or follow the organization on social media, they will keep you informed of upcoming races and other events.

Stop at a local racing shop

The staff at your local race store is another great resource for local events. While shopping, look for signs advertising upcoming races. Many stores even offer group workouts leading to a great run or sign-up discounts.

Search careers online

There are so many great websites with many local event listings to visit. Some of the favorites include Running in the USA. For full or half marathon listings, try MarathonGuide.com and HalfMarathons.net. Use this quick information to narrow your pick list by distance, location, or time of year.

Ask other runners

If you have a friend, family member, or coworker who likes to run, ask them about their favorite local race. If they've done it before, they can give you a personal review of the field, career amenities, and overall experience to help you decide if it's right for you. And since it's always fun to run a race with a friend (even if you don't run together), see if there's a race they plan to do together.

Check with your local YMCA or health club

Some YMCAs, health clubs, or gyms sponsor or help promote local races, so visit us and find out if yours has information on upcoming races. They can even offer some race-specific training tips.

Explore social media

Social media can be a great source of information about the running community in your area. Follow local clubs and organizations on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see what's coming up on their calendars. Or post to your own accounts, asking your network about your favorite career options.

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