The World's Best Destinations for Backpackers (Part 2)

You can know a lot about a person traveling as a backpacker. Today we are going to count our picks for the best backpacker destinations

For this list, let's take a look at destinations around the world that are full of exciting places for travelers to explore.

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Discover The Best Destinations For Your Trip Like a Backpacker!

Hoi An, Vietnam

Seemingly away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, Hoi An is a smaller place in a beautiful setting. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and is also the bespoke clothing capital of Southeast Asia.

Does it seem interesting? Backpackers depart from Hue or Da Nang and take advantage of low prices for food and accommodation. A three-star room costs less than $ 30 per night.

Another tantalizing bonus: the French influence is alive and well in the bakeries that line the streets of Hoi An. Sample delicious pastries and then burn off your calories exploring the area on foot. Another must-see dish is Cao Lau pasta.

Edinburgh, UK

In Edinburgh, a new wave of backpackers arrives at Waverley station several times a day. Local residents are generally comfortable around newcomers, and there are certainly enough amenities and attractions to keep a traveler on a budget.

A second class. A one-way ticket from London costs less than $ 90, and many backpacker travelers take the rails to this historic city gem after sleeping on an overnight train.

Edinburgh offers a wide selection of budget pubs, hostels, and hotels. Unlike London or Paris, the main attractions are in a relatively compact area covered mainly on foot. It is a university town, with the sprawling and prestigious University of Edinburgh just a short walk from the city's famous Royal Mile historic district.

It is possible to enjoy beautiful views and ancient places without spending a lot of money. Edinburgh Free Walking Tours offer two daily trips of 90 minutes each; Both start near St. Giles Cathedral every afternoon on the Royal Mile at 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM. Although it is free, it is common to offer a bonus at the end of the tour.


Munich offers backpackers a wide range of cheap accommodation and attractions to explore.

Another European city with a large university population and a lot of historical charm is Munich, the largest city in Bavaria.

Look for cheap hotels and hostels near the hauptbahnhof (main train station), west of the city center. The Maxvorstadt area is home to several universities and is a great place to find cheap meals and casual encounters with other travelers on the same tight budgets. The frescoes migrate to the Gärtnerplatz area.

The beer gardens (crowded even in the winter months) serve a delicious rotisserie chicken dish called hendl, which is always good and easily accessible.

Munich also offers easy connections to the Romantic Road, Salzburg, and the Alps. What a great travel hub!

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