10 DIY Tables You Can Build Quickly

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The Best & Simple Ideas to Build tables (DIY)

Throwing a party can be a lot of fun. The days before are full of meal planning and prep, but it all fits together. Or so it seems ... just before you realize that more guests are arriving than there are seats at the table! If that's the situation you are facing, there is only one solution for the true DIYer. That's right, time to roll up your sleeves and get to work building one of these fantastic DIY tables.

1. Picnic Table

For a faster seat, few things are better than a picnic table. And if the weather permits in your area, picnic tables are a great option when friends and family visit. They help avoid the main pitfall of adding indoor seating: the sudden lack of space to walk, especially for the elderly and young children. This attractive DIY pedestal picnic table will give your guests a place to sit, while giving them room to move. And you have the added benefit of an al fresco dining space, which you can enjoy when everyone returns home.

2. Pallet Coffee Table

Pallets are one of the most popular salvage materials in the DIY world. And this is as true for strollers and bibs as it is for a DIY table. Often reclaimed from industrial companies or construction sites, pallets can also be purchased outright. But regardless of how they are obtained, they provide a rudimentary character without sacrificing a solid structure. This attractive coffee table is simply a spray painted pallet placed on wheels and covered with a pane of glass. It's a quick and fun build that's also a wonderful addition to your home decor.

3. Door Slab Table

Old internal door slabs and cabinet doors are fascinating DIY wooden boards and can be combined with found items or simple legs to create quick and charming DIY tables. Of course, this project makes more sense if you've already removed the door slabs during an upgrade. But the signs are generally available at salvage stores, and these salvaged items are sometimes incredibly attractive and intricately detailed. Go on a scavenger hunt at your local salvage yard to find the perfect DIY wooden board.

4. Laminate Top

Most of what defines a table is the top. A simple laminate board can be placed on top of a couple of cabinets, low shelves, or even easels to create a makeshift table. And if you're just building one countertop, you can easily produce several in quick succession, allowing you to set up the tables where needed. And, better yet, since the lids are on the periphery, they are easy to store after the seasonal gatherings are over.

5. Umbrella Table

The elegant appearance of this umbrella table is a perfect addition to your outdoor furniture. It is a simpler construction than it appears at first glance and can be assembled in the short term and implemented to receive your guests in warm weather. Drinking a cold drink in the shade of an umbrella is the ideal way to spend a warm afternoon. And this elegant umbrella table will define your umbrella beautifully and provide a stable base to prevent accidents when the wind picks up. The base is made of plywood and # 2 cedar, with the top of knotted cedar or pressure-treated decking. And the cost varies depending on your materials. Follow the complete blueprints to learn how to build a tabletop base like the one shown here. You will need moderate skills to complete this project. For example, using pocket screws and operating a saw, but you should be able to finish in a weekend.

6. Black Pipe & Wood

If you want the sturdiness of metal legs, but don't want to go to the trouble of learning how to cut pipes to the proper length and weld them in spots, black iron pipe is the material for you. Black iron pipe is available in the plumbing section of hardware stores and comes in predefined thread lengths, as well as a variety of flanges and unions. Pair it with a simple DIY wooden table and voila! To build a table do it yourself out of wooden and iron pipes, just screw a frame together and use the cable ties to fix it to a wooden, laminate or slab surface. If you want to make things even easier, use pre-cut wood for the top. And you will only have to make a few cuts and fasten fasteners before you have a fully functional DIY table.

7. Fold-Out Storage Table

This is a "two birds with one stone" project. If you are looking for an excuse to add workspace to your basement or garage, this is a perfect project to undertake before the guests arrive. Using an old shelf or cabinet, this folding table will serve your party admirably and can easily be moved to another location after your guests have left. And making table legs for this project is simple, they are just made of metal. This project is especially useful if you have a large meeting planned and you want to keep internal interruptions to a minimum. And this DIY folding table is a great place to set up additional snack stations or buffet-style food for grazing.

8. Polished Concrete Table Top

While it certainly doesn't seem like a quick project, this beautiful concrete table builds faster than you might think. And it's an excellent introduction to working with finished concrete. Follow the blueprints for a complete way to build this table, including how to make wooden legs. The longest part of forming a concrete countertop is the construction of the formwork. But once you master this skill, the rest move with ease. Working on a smaller scale, like the DIY coffee table shown here, allows you to place custom details on the DIY table, while giving your guests a nice conversation piece to rest their drinks.

9. Quickie Kids' Table

A simple DIY table like the one pictured here makes great kids' tables. And it's built around a structure that assembles quickly and everything is fixed with screws. If you don't already have a pocket screw template, this project is the perfect excuse to add one to your DIY arsenal.

10. Infinity Table

This may be the most complicated table we've seen yet, but it has a wow factor that guests in your house will argue long after they're gone. With clever use of mirrors and LEDs, this "infinity table" has a unique retro-futuristic feel.

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