3 Ways for Woodworkers to Save Money

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Discover 3 Ways to Save Money in your Woodworking Projects!

Woodworking can be an expensive hobby. High-quality blades, sanding belts, and router bits are expensive and worth every penny. Here are three great ways to make these items last.

A sharp blade covered in mud cuts like a dull blade. A quick cleaning is much cheaper than a new blade.

Revive a "blind" leaf

Before you give up that expensive blade, get a good clean. It can still be sharpened, but if it is covered with wood tar it will cut like a dull blade. Some carpenters use special potions to clean blades; others just use oven cleaner. Patience is the key anyway - if you give the chemicals long enough to work, the goo will be easy to clean with a toothbrush.

A sanding belt covered in paint or wood tar cannot bite into the wood. A belt cleaner removes exudate without damaging the sand.

Extend the life of sanding belts

Most sanding belts are thrown away not because they are worn, but because the sand is clogged with paint or wood tar. So if you have a belt sander, a belt cleaner is a must. Twenty years ago, I bought one for $ 8 and I thought I bought $ 100 worth of belts. It works on sandpaper discs too, although not as well. Sandpaper belt cleaners are not sold in most home centers, but there are many available online.

Adjust old router bits

When a little is fading, I take a few hits with my diamond shovel (mine is around $ 25). This will not restore a truly dull edge or match the original factory sharpness. But it gives me a bit that it is almost like new. And considering the cost of the router bits, that's enough.

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Source: Eric Sorensen

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