5 Lessons We Learned While Building a Deck

When you build a deck from scratch, you will learn a few things.

These are some of the lessons we learned from building a platform this summer.

If you framed your deck with these tips, you will have many decades to live off that structure!

1. Game deck board lengths

Deck boards are commonly sold in 8, 12, 16, and 20-foot lengths. The combination of deck size with these lengths of boards makes it easier and faster to build and eliminate undue seams and waste.

2. Kiln-dried wood is the best

Dry pressure-treated wood after the treatment process. When it bends, twists and bends, you will have a real nightmare laying the deck boards. Kiln Dried Wood After Treatment (KDAT) dries directly and will remain much straighter years after installation. It will avoid the problem of warped wood.

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3. Get the right hooks

Beam supports are another critical connection. They transfer the load from the girders to the beam and the stringer. If you are using 2x12 beams, you will need 2x12 hooks.

Deck beam hangers must also meet corrosion standards with a special G-185 coating (some manufacturers label this as ZMAX or Triple Zinc).
Stainless steel versions are available for decks built near saltwater. When attaching the hangers, nail each hole in the hanger with the correct size nail required by the hanger manufacturer.

4. The beam and the spans of the beam are important

Beams, joists, and posts work together to frame and support your deck. The joists run at 90 or 45-degree angles to the deck (we chose 90 degrees) and should be no more than 16 inches apart on center.

The span of the beam, or the distance between the rafters, determines the size of the rafters you need. The size of the beam determines how you will position your shoes and support posts.

5. Consider a landing

Instead of a small staircase, increase the footprint and your deck and add a landing; it will be easier to get on and off the deck. Built-in the same way as a platform, a landing is a great way to keep the ladder scale similar to that of the platform.

An easy way to secure it to the deck is to use adjustable truss hooks that attach to the face of the hoop beam and are low enough for a seven-inch pitch.

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