Build A Hook On Balcony Desk

This idea stemmed from my love of sitting on the porch while having coffee and working on the computer.

Although we do have a few tables on the porch, this little "hooked" porch table is the real deal.

I can easily move it from one place to another depending on where the wind is blowing, if the sun is in my eyes, or if there are a lot of deer on the west side of the house at night.

Each and everyone I think there are many others who could benefit from this little design.

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Source: April Wilkerson

Things I Used in This Project

  • Miter Saw Stand
  • ISOTunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection
  • Miter Saw
  • Thickness Planer
  • Thickness Planer Stand
  • Crosscut Sled
  • Brass Gauge Blocks
  • Glue Brush
  • Bench Dog Push Blocks
  • Large ROS
  • Outfeed Table
  • T-tracks
  • T-track Hold Downs
  • Large Right Angle Jigs
  • Small Right Angle Jigs
  • Blue Clamps
  • Drill
  • Adjustable Right Angle Jig
  • Super Jaws

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Images and project courtesy of April Wilkerson

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