Building a Multi Guitar Rack

This project is on a short to-do list years ago... He needed to build a guitar rack.

This is a very simple project that can be made very easy, but he wanted to challenge me as a design and an execution, so I decided to build mine out of dowels

Isso really created a modern and cool visual, but it was certainly a challenge!

We hope you enjoy watching this video about How to Build a Multi Guitar Rack from Dowels

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Guitar Rack Plans

Well! Let's see how I made this Dowel guitar stand!

I like to make my own dowels, it is cheaper and I can choose whatever wood I have on hand.

It is also easier to do all the woodwork on the pieces when they are square. So that's the first step after milling them to size, drilling all the holes to the right size for woodwork.

Using a centrally located drill guide block, I was able to easily drill a hole in the center of this square material.

It would be more difficult if the action was round but feasible.
It is also easier to attach square material to the drill table.

Round stock, it is doable, but more difficult ... do you see the topic here? There are.
All the holes above were at 90 degrees, but one set of holes had to be angled 20 degrees so that the leg could fit at a 20 degree angle to the base.

I installed a temporary fence on the drill table so that every hole I drilled was in exactly the same place on all the pieces.
Now that all the woodwork is done, it's time to round out this square butt.

I don't have a lathe so I do this on the router desktop.

The trick here is to use a rounded drill with half the diameter of the pin size you want. So the lightning ...

I needed three different sized pegs:

1 "- I used a 1/2" radius circular drill

1-1 / 4 "- I used a 5/8" radius circular bit

1-3 / 4 "I used a 7/8" radius circular drill.

One of the legs forms an angle of 20º with the other, this means that the piece must be cut at an angle of 70º to fit correctly.

My saw does not adjust to 70º so I had to build a stand to make a difference.
For this pin to be flush with the coupling pin, it must be bent on the inside of this 70 ° cutout.

I did this with sandpaper on a pin the size I want the curve to be.

I think it can be done better and more efficiently ... more experiences to come.

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