DIY Build A Dog Wading Pool

Two summers ago, I built a small shallow pool with rocks around the property for my dogs.

They love to jump to get their stomach wet during the summer heat. But when they go to stay with my parents, they don't have a drinking fountain, so this week I'll fix it.

As it will be in contact with the ground and also around the water, I am building with treated material.

I started by opening the wings of my miter saw and cutting two boards that will form the frame around the pool.

To create a ramp, I measured from the edge of the board and used a ruler to make a diagonal line.

You can use a band saw, jigsaw, or even circular saw to make this cut, but I used my band saw to make sure they were both nice and straight.

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Source: April Wilkerson

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Images and project courtesy of April Wilkerson

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