DIY Dictionary: Particleboard

What is a Particleboard?

Particleboard is a manufactured wood product composed of sawdust, wood chips, or wood chips mixed with a resin. This mixture is layered, compressed, heated, and cut to shape, resulting in a sheet of material that can be used for a variety of things.

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Source: BIOprocess Lab NDSU

Find out the best uses of Particleboard

It is often used as a shelf or base for rugs. Plastic laminate can be applied on both sides to create a product that can be used to create everything from furniture to cabinets to wall panels.

There are some things that the cluster is NOT. It is not medium density fibreboard (MDF), a material with a higher density and weight made up of more uniform particles.

It is NOT oriented strand board (OSB), a material made up of large wood chips and strips that are structurally equivalent to plywood.

It does NOT have a great capacity to hold nails or screws, nor is it so waterproof; water can cause the material to swell rapidly and lose structural integrity. But if you need something flat and cheap to use in a dry place, particleboard will make you proud.

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