DIY Dish Rack

This DIY plate holder is designed to slide into my sink.

This design can be adapted to accommodate sinks of different sizes.

The shelf is made of maple boards

Discover How to Make A Perfect Dish Rack for your Home


  • ½ ”cardboard plates.
  • Wood glue.
  • Bioshield wood countertop finish.


  • 18 Volt Cordless Drill
  • Table saw
  • Miter saw
  • Keyhole saw
  • Orbital Sander

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Step 1: tear off the boards

I used my table saw to rip the maple boards into 2 strips.

The boards were 3 ”wide and I attached the table saw guide to rip 1.75” wide strips.

Step 2: Measure the sink

I measured my sink and marked the maple strips. I made 2 sets of labels.

One set showing the width of the sink and a second set that was approximately 1 ”beyond the first set.

Step 3: cut to size

I used my miter saw to cut the planks to size. I also cut short pieces from the thinner strips to use as spacers.

Step 4: Mark the notches on the widest boards

I marked notches in the wider plates so that the grate fits perfectly in the sink.

Step 5: cut the notches

I used my puzzle to make the notches.

It is helpful to use additional boards to give the saw guard a place to rest when cutting thin boards.

Step 6: Glue the pieces together

Back then I didn't have long clamps so I had to glue the grille in 2 pieces.

Step 7: add screws

I don't rely solely on glue in applications that are exposed to water, so I used long-finish screws on the parts.

I didn't show the screw heads and I didn't want the hard edge to break, so I made pre-drilled holes before tightening the screws and also drilled ½ "diameter holes that would allow me to glue the wood dowels over the screws.

I used hardware. long finish on both sides to connect the 2 cymbal rack pieces.

Step 8: glue the wooden dowels

I glued short pieces of ½ ”diameter wood dowels into the holes and used my Japanese saw to cut them flush with the surface.

Step 9: Sand the grating

I used my orbital sander to sand the grid with 220 grit paper.

Step 10: Finish

Finished shelf with Bioshield wood countertop finish.

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