DIY Mini Daybed

I'm going to show you how I made this DIY mini sofa using 3/4 "thick plywood to create a reading nook for my kids. I updated our old crib mattress to use as a pillow.

I cut my 4 'x 8' sheet of 3/4 "thick plywood into the following dimensions
(you can adjust its dimensions according to the size of your mattress and the space you want around it):

  • (2) to 63 ″ x 33 ″
  • (2) at 24 "x 33"
  • (4) in 12 ″ x 33 ″
  • (2) to 6 ″ x 33 ″

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Source: Erin Spain

After cutting all the plywood, it was time to assemble everything.

First, he needed to secure the sides. I did this using my pocket hole template to create pocket holes along each end of one of my large panels (this will be the background) and then attached the sides (my 24 "x 33" pieces) with screws 1 1/4 "pocket.

(Side note: if I was doing it all over again, I would have flipped the panel over so the pocket holes are on the bottom and not visible).

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Images and project courtesy of Erin Spain

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