DIY Veggie/Fruit Storage Rack

We wanted to make something simple to store all my fruits and vegetables, so I quickly built a very easy wooden storage rack.

This is a very simple project and only takes a little over an hour, so if you need a fruit/veg rack, try doing it yourself instead of buying it!

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Source: April Wilkerson

My boards were already 3 1/2 ″ wide and I thought it was perfect so I left them as is.

I used my miter saw to cut them to the desired length, but instead of cutting them at a 90-degree angle, I went ahead and put a 20-degree angle on both ends, making them 9 3/4 ″ long.

Since I wanted two baskets, I cut four in total. I had a 1/2 ″ poplar leftover from another building, so I decided to use it for this project.

However, you can purchase a 1 x 6 x 10 ′ pine board to get a basket.

Then I cut some thin strips with my table saw to make some slats. I made my slats 1 1/8 ″ wide. After cutting them, I used my miter saw to cut them to a length of 14 1/4 ″.

With the slats cut to size, I used glue and my dowel to attach them.

I started with the bottom and then went sideways. I think they are great on their own! They would make a cute Easter table decoration ... throw some colored straw in there and have a place for your child's eggs to sit.

Once this was done, I realized how far I needed them to be in order to get to everything. I decided on 12 1/2 ″. So, I first cut a 2 1/2 board with my table saw, then I cut two 12 1/2 pieces.

I then used glue and screws to secure the boards to the sides of the baskets. I went ahead and used four on each side.

Finally, I used raw linseed oil and beeswax. So I filled them with fruits and veggies and put them in my kitchen!

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Images and project courtesy of April Wilkerson

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