Easily Draw Perfect Ellipses with One Equation

To draw a perfect ellipse, you need two pins, a string that doesn't stretch, a pencil, and a simple formula to determine the distance (D) between the pins.

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Discover How to Draw A Perfect Ellipses with a Simple Equation!

Perfect Ellipse Formula

The formula is D = square root of (L2 - H2). L and H are the length and height of the desired ellipse. Let's say I want a 16-inch ellipse. Long by 10 inches. High. Enter the numbers into the formula and you will get D = 12-1 / 2.

Draw a straight line exactly 16 in. Long and mark the center point. Dial 6-1 / 4 in. In both directions from the center point, creating the foci and giving it a distance of 12-1 / 2 in. What did you calculate. Insert a pin at each point.

Make a rope loop with a slip knot so you can adjust the size of the loop. Place the loop around the pins. Adjust the size of the loop until a pencil inserted into the loop is exactly at the end of the line. Tighten the knot and draw your ellipse by pulling the loop around the pins with your pencil.

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