How to Build a Bath Bench

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Build This Incredible Bathroom Bench (DIY)

Time: a full day

Complexity: beginner

Cost: $51-100


This DIY bathroom bench offers a comfortable place to sit and a convenient place to store essentials. Build-in one day to last a lifetime.

Tools Needed

  • 8 gauge brad plug
  • Circular saw/miter saw
  • Forks
  • Drill

Required Materials

  • 3 x 3 'Oak Top
  • 4 "hook legs
  • 6 x 10 'Oak Top
  • 8x10 'Oak Top
  • Brad nails
  • Glue

Step 1: Make Wide Panels

Cut all the individual boards 1/2-in. longer than their final length. Then edge-glue the boards to make the top, bottom, sides, and divider panel. Wipe away any excess glue and allow the panels to dry.

Step 2: Cut the panels to size

Trim one end of the panels and then cut the other end to the final length. At 12 in. A sliding miter saw like the one shown can completely cut 12-3 / 4 in. width. With a smaller saw, you must rotate each panel to finish the cuts. You can also make these cuts with a circular saw, using a large square as a guide.

Step 3: Secure the sides

Sand the parts well before assembling. Start with 100-grit sandpaper and work your way up to 180. Lay the sides flush against the edges of the bottom plate and secure with glue and nails. If you do not have a nail, insert cap screws, sinking them below the surface. Then cover them with wood putty.

Step 4: Make a notch in the center divider

Attach the center divider to your work surface and cut a 3/4 in. x 2-1 / 2 in. notch in the upper rear corner. I used a puzzle, but a hand saw works the same way. Secure the center divider with glue and nails.

Step 5: Install the stretcher

Apply glue to the ends of the table and the notch in the center divider. Before nailing the pieces, check that they are all in the correct alignment using a speed square or framing square. Nail the stretcher in place along the sides and center divider.

Step 6: Protect the top

Position the top so it protrudes 3/4 in. On each side. and is aligned with the front and rear of the seat. Fix the top with glue and finish the nails, checking again with a square before nailing the nails.

Step 7: Add legs

Flip the stool over and place your legs in the corners. Keep them 1/2 in. away from the edges, drill pilot holes, and screw the legs to the bottom. Apply paint and polyurethane to ensure the countertop lasts for years of bathing. Cover the bench with a non-slip bottom cushion or leave it as is to bring out the grain of the oak.

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Source: NexJeneration

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