How to Build a Compost Bin

Why not turn your yard waste into yard gold by building this compost bin?

You can build it now and start your compost pile this fall with leaves, late garden plants, and a few patches of grass. (Leave most grass clippings on the lawn to return nitrogen to the grass as it decomposes.)

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This "cabin" box will keep your compost pile from becoming an eyesore. These compost plants will provide you with an attractive compost container!

You'll spend around $100 on supplies, and you probably already have all the tools you need. Round a circular saw, jigsaw, tape measure, drill/driver, 1/16 in. dia. and 3/8 in. dia. drills, carpenter's square, two pipe clamps, and a wood chisel. We will show you how to build an attractive compost bin!

The compost bin is constructed of “five-quarter” (5/4) rounded edge deck boards. (Although the name implies that they have 1-1 / 4-inch boards, they are actually only about 1 inch thick.) The boards are pressure-treated with Chrome Copper Arsenate (CCA), making the compost resistant to decay and insects. There isn't much hardware because the pieces fit together like the Lincoln Logs you played with as a kid.

Cutting the Pieces

All 5/4 decks must be cut to 42 inches long. - You will get four 42-inch boards. On every 14 footboards. (Transporting 14-foot boards can be a hassle, so have the recorder cut each one into two 7-foot boards.) When assembled, they give you a compost bin about 3 feet. Cube.

Two of the 42 inches. They will need to be cut in half (cut their length). Two of the broken pieces should be cut 2-3 / 8 in. Wide then notched. One of the pieces should be cut 1-1 / 2 in. Width. The remaining piece is scrap metal, which you will use later. Cutting treated wood requires special precautions. This is what to do:

  • Wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling sawdust.
  • Make the cut outdoors.
  • Clean up the leftovers and throw them away. DO NOT burn treated wood. It emits toxic fumes!
  • Wash exposed skin after cutting wood.

Carving the Boards

1-3/16 '' notches Deep interlock holds compost bin together. Notches cut to this depth leave approximately 3/4 in. space between each pair of plates when interconnected. The exact width of the notches depends on the thickness of the wood, but remember, 5/4 wood is actually only about 1 inch. thick.

See how to cut the notches:

  • Secure similar components with pipe clamps. Then place them on the edge of a solid work surface. Not all parts require the same number of notches; refer to Figure A for the number required for each component.
  • Measure from the edge of the 1-3/4 in. Plates. And draw a line at this distance through all the boards. Now measure from this 1 in. (Or the thickness of your wood) towards the center of the boards and draw a second line.
  • Set your circular saw to cut to a depth of 1-3 / 16 in. And cut along the entire length of both lines. Now do a 1/4-inch series. wide cuts or slices.
  • Remove the slices with a wood chisel. Align the bottom corners of each notch with a narrow corner chisel.

After finishing the interlocking notches, cut the 45-degree diagonal notches on the two lower side plates. Cuts can be started with the circular saw but finished with a jigsaw.

Then cut two 3/4 in. thick, 3 in. long spacer blocks of scrap wood. Drill a 1/16 in. Tomorrow. hole at each end of each spacer and a 3/8 in. Tomorrow. hole in the center of the spacer. Next, nail the spacers to the lower side plates.

Measure from the leading edge of the H pieces to the center of the 3/8 in. Hole. On the spacer. Mark this measurement on the bottom face of the Part G plates and drill a 1-1/4 in. Hole. Deep and 3/8 in. Tomorrow. pinhole. Cut two 3-inch lengths. 3/8 in. Tomorrow. pass them through and insert them into the holes in the spacers.

You are now ready to assemble the other Lincoln Log-style components. First, move all components to the compost bin location before you begin. Trash is not easy to move once fully assembled.

Building the top

Roof construction is quick and easy. To see how:

  • Arrange the remaining seven 42-inch boards, making sure they are snugly together, end to end.
  • Measure 3-1 / 2 in. From both ends and brand. This is where you will connect the 2x2 clips.  Use 2-1 / 4 in. Galvanized wood screws. Do not put screws in the mounting plate that is directly over the center of the upper middle plate. Now tear the center plate in half to form the two sections of the lid. Cut the clamp plate completely by tearing off the center plate.
  • Connect the two sections of the 4-inch cover. Secure the hinges with the screws that come with the hinges.
  • Assemble a hinge sheet with 6 ”tape. (They fix the lid to the box) only inside the fixing plates. Mount the other sheet to the outside of the back of the compost bin.
  • Finally, attach the handles.

What to fertilize

  • Green plant material (the nitrogen supply) with brown materials such as fallen leaves (the carbon supply).
  • Any plant material (except weeds with seeds and poisonous plants like poison ivy), straw, coffee grounds, egg shells (not whole egg), and raw fruit and vegetable scraps. DO NOT compost meat, dairy products, or pet feces.

How to build a compost pile

The stack must be built in layers. The bottom layer should be 20 to 25 cm of a uniform mixture of grass and leaves or other plant cuttings. Dampen this layer so that it is damp but not soggy. You can add a 1-inch layer of soil over nitrogen-rich plant matter to increase the number of decaying microorganisms. Repeat these layers until the pile fills the box. Starting a compost pile from table scraps not only helps enrich the garden soil, it is also more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. In today's world, it is a way of life. Sustainable homes reduce their impact on the environment while meeting daily needs.

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