How to Build a DIY Patio Cooler Cart

Today I will show you how to build a DIY patio cooler cart with room for barbecue accessories.

Two things I've been thinking of building are a patio cooler and a grill cart.

Since my back deck isn't huge, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and show you how to make a DIY refrigerator and barbecue cart in one.

The design is made of cedar to withstand the elements and give it a beautiful and elegant look.

At the heart of the wood cooler is a 48 qt cooler with plenty of room for your parties.

The storage box lid is level, with no hinges or handles, providing a 22 "x 20" resting space for food and other barbecue accessories.

Assembly is easy and simple with the available drawings.

So, read ahead and get ready to put your outdoor entertainment set in the right place!

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Source: Fix This Build That

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Images and project courtesy of Fix This Build That

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