How to Build a Modern Storage Bench

Storage bench with a curve, I went one step further for my version by adding a SECOND curve and another storage option.

This stool will be placed in our foyer, the bottom shelf for shoes, and the center compartment will probably change depending on the season...

Gloves and hats in winter, goggles, and sunscreen in summer!

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Source: 3x3Custom - Tamar

The first step is to print the template from the plans above and mark your wood.

This template is the profile of the pieces that will make up the sides of the bench.

Grind all of your wood to the correct size.

Then roughly cut all the pieces that will make up the sides of the workbench.

I used a bandsaw, but if you have a bandsaw, I recommend using it here!

Using the printable template as a guide, make a rigid template from MDF or plywood.

Then use this rigid mold to bring all the pieces to their final shape with a flush finish drill on a router.

If routers aren't your thing, you can always shape the sides with a belt sander after pasting ...

Glue all of these individual pieces together to form both sides of the workbench.

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Images and project courtesy ofย 3x3Custom - Tamar

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