How to Build Small Sawhorses

Mini sawhorses (saw ponies) are surprisingly useful in the store or on the job site and are easier to make than full-size sawhorses.

With this plan, you can make them from scrap wood for next to nothing.

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Discover for Yourself How to Build Small Sawhorses

Building a mini easel

They are small, compact, stackable wheelies that you can pull out of scrap metal in about 30 minutes. Short is the key. They can also be used as mini scaffolding for hanging work.

That's fine for now, but if the foldable mini hits the market, all bets are off. Your horses will be on their backs.

Tools needed for this project

Have the tools you need for this DIY project in place before you begin; it will save time and frustration.

  • Circular saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Miter saw
  • Safety glasses
  • Table saw


Materials needed for this project

Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your supplies ready in advance. Here is a list.

  • 1-5 / 8 in. thumbscrew
  • 1x4x8 '
  • 2-1 / 2 in. thumbscrew
  • 2x4x3 '
  • 5/4 x 6 x 3 '(or 2 x 6 x 3')
  • Plywood Parts

To build your own ponies you will need an 8-foot length of 1 Γ— 4, 3 feet of 2 Γ— 4, a 3-foot length piece of the 1 in. thick Decking or 2 Γ— 6, and some pieces of plywood.

Shown 1/4 in. plywood, but you can use 1/2 in. or whatever thickness you have. Later:

  1. Cut all boards to length, including the 15 degree parallel bezels at the ends of the legs.
  2. Cut the 2x4 edges on the 15-degree spine on the table saw. Screw the top of the column with equal protrusions on all four sides, then screw the legs at the top.
  3. Draw the ends of the plywood stiffeners and staple, nail, or screw, and glue them to the legs.
  4. Get in the saddle and ride into the sunset.

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