How to Build Your Own Desk for Less

There is something very satisfying about DIY projects - the idea that you can create what you need with your own hands. You have the freedom to create what you want, how you want, and the result is something that has its own unique brand. Building your own desk can certainly provide the same level of satisfaction.

Planning your table

If you are building your own desk, make sure it is comfortable. Most tables are around a foot high, which is adequate for the average person. However, if you go a little higher or a little lower, it may not work.

When sitting at the table, the arms should rest comfortably on the surface when the elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle. Your shoulders should not be hunched and your arms should not be tilted up.

When planning your table, sit in the chair you will be using and take measurements to determine how high it should be in relation to your body. You'll also want to measure the width of your chair to make sure the brackets are wide enough to easily fit under your desk. This could mean adding or subtracting from whatever plan you are using.

Gather tools and supplies

These are the supplies you need to make your own table. Tip: If you buy your wood from a building supply store, they will cut it to the size you want.

  • 4 vertical support legs. Choose one of the two options:
    2 "x 4"
    2 "x 6" (29 "tall or based on your custom height measurements)
  • 4 horizontal leg rests
    2 "x 4" (2 'long or the depth of your desk)
  • 2 longer horizontal supports
    1 "x 6" x 2.5 '
  • 1 upper front bracket
    2 "x 2" x 2.5 '
  • Half Inch Plywood Sheet
    2 'x 3' (or custom size)
  • Drills and Drills bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Multi-purpose screws long enough to penetrate the wood
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper 220
  • foam brush
  • Primer
  • Latex paint

Once you have all of your supplies, you can start building your table.

Build the Base

  1. Place your vertical supports next to each other.
  2. Use one of the horizontal supports to secure the legs, placing one leg at each end of the support.
  3. Use screws to hold it together and fix it with wood glue.
  4. Lace your second horizontal support between the vertical supports, about 10 cm from the ends of the legs.
  5. Screw and glue. The bracket should look like a letter A.
  6. Attach your two longest horizontal support plates to the rear section of each mount, one on top of the mount and one on the bottom, to hold the base in place.
  7. Secure the boards to the frame with screws and glue.
  8. Attach the front top bracket to the top front corners of the frame (the side closest to you when you sit at the table) with screws and glue.
  9. Let the glue dry.

Assemble the top and base

  1. Lay your desk from the bottom up.
  2. Center the base to the top by measuring and marking where the bracket will go.
  3. Attach the tabletop to the frame with screws and glue.

Finish and paint

  1. Sand the table and base so that all wood is smooth.
  2. Remove all dust with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Do not wet the wood or use any product on it.
  3. Apply the primer and let it dry.
  4. Apply the paint.
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Apply a second coat if necessary.

Tip: If you are not sure whether you want matte or glossy, start with matte. You can always cover it with glitter later. It is more difficult to go from gloss to matte.

Creative variations

Found objects and reclaimed wood are a great way to create something new out of something that's thrown away. For example, an old door set in two filing cabinets or nightstands becomes a beautiful and functional table once you paint it and add your own touch to it.

Take apart the old tables and save what's good, then incorporate the pieces into your DIY project. That's the beauty of recycling - when you start looking at old things with a new perspective, the possibilities are endless.

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