How to Install a Storm Door

These easy-to-install rain gates with a folding screen are a great way to let the breeze into your home on a nice day and keep the weather out when it's not so nice. They definitely live up to their quick and easy name. In about half an hour, my new door was up and running perfectly.

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Source: The Handyman

Time: one hour or less
Complexity: beginner
Cost: $ 101-250

Tools needed

  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Safety glasses

Required materials

  • Hardware manipulation
  • Display port

Step by step project

Step 1: Attach the placeholder screw

Hold the hinge firmly on the joint and tighten a screw in the upper hole. Leave a 1/8 in. space between screw head and gasket. Remove the hinge rail.

Step 2: Assemble the door

Place the door on a pair of trestles. Screw the hinge rail to the door, cover the unused latch hole, slide it onto the adjustable door trim, and slide it onto the extension rail cover.

Step 3: Hang the storm door

Hang hinge rail on placeholder screw and tighten to hold door in place.

Step 4: Attach the hinge rail

Tighten the screws along the inside of the hinge rail. Slide the rail cover up to the door sill and secure the outside of the hinge rail to the trim.

Step 5: Install the drip cap and locking rail

Align the drip cover with the edge of the hinge rail, hold it firmly on the joint, and secure it with screws. Install the lock rail securely on the drip cap and align with the edge of the drip cap, then secure it with screws.

Step 6: Drill holes for the lock

Place the drill guide in the door and drill the holes with the supplied spade drill on both sides.

Step 7: Insert the locked body

Slide the lock body into the socket and secure it with a screw. If the lock is not facing in the correct direction, you will need to unscrew the front of the lock body and turn the lock.

Step 8: Assemble the hardware

Place the faceplates on each side of the opening. Push the handle rod through the faceplate and lock the body and secure the other handle with a set screw.

Step 9: Make room for the lock and lock

The latch and lock must be able to extend into the latch opening. If not, you will have to drill and carve a gap or notch in the trim.

Step 10: Install the fasteners

Screw the side jamb bracket to the hinge side jamb, then insert the clip with the short connecting pin. Pull slightly on the latch rod, and then attach the door bracket to the door. Attach the closest to the bracket with the long pin.

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