How to Make a Wooden Katana from Hardwood Floors

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How to Make a Wooden Katana from Hardwood Floors

In this video, you will be able to see an interesting project about how to make a katana from hardwood floors.

Most of the sword is made from cumaru teak floor scraps. It has a really beautiful grain pattern and a graceful figure, plus it is extremely dense and hard.

First, the approximate shape of the sheet is drawn based on some inline dimensions. Cut this shape on the bandsaw making sure to leave a dowel at the bottom that would fit inside the handle.

Some calipers are used to measure the dimensions of the spike and I transferred those lines to the blank tsuba. Drill this gap and carefully chisel and file the pocket so that the tang of the blade will sit comfortably in it. After you have a good fit, cut the tsuba into an oval using a paper template.

Finish the katana with some linseed oil and beeswax and it looks gorgeous. Feel like a real samurai!

Enjoy The Video

[responsive-youtube id="2nshBD9EbxE"]

Source: I Like To Make Stuff

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