Ripping Thin Pieces

When making the Shaker boxes, I built a template to accurately tear 1/16 ″ thick strips without putting my hands too close to the blade. In fact, I can leave the guard on the mountain.

Discover the best way for tearing thin pieces!

The template has two parts. First, there is a trail that is mounted on the ridge next to the fence.

Two rare-earth magnets embedded in the bottom of the track prevent it from slipping. The rail attaches 1/16 ″ away from the blade or whatever thickness of strip you want to tear.

The second part of the template is a push block. (I call this a shoe). It slides into a groove on the track.

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Source: WOOD magazine

The shoe has a 1/8 ″ thick sacrificial loop that hooks onto the back of the board that I am ripping.

The flange has grooves to allow it to be moved up or down to accommodate boards of different thicknesses.

To cut a strip, I put a magnetic board on the left side of the board that I am ripping to keep it snug against the rail.

Then I attach the board to the saw by hand, just like any other ripped cut.

When the end of the board is level with the track, I put the shoe on the track and push the board the rest of the way through the cutout.

The front edges of the shoe and cleat are rounded to allow the blade guard to rise and pass over the insole.

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