Scrap Wood Storage Cart

My junk pile was spiraling out of control so I decided to build a wheeled junk storage cart that can hold all my cuts and plywood as well.

I figured out the size based on my workspace and the materials I had on hand at the time.

The dimensions I got are 5 'wide, 3' high, and 20 'deep.

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Source: 3x3Custom - Tamar

The first step was to break the plywood with the Kregjig Accu-cut.

I cut the base 5 feet wide and 20 "deep. The Accu cutout only has a 4-foot strip, so I flipped it the other way to finish the rest of the cut.

So I took a 2x4x10 and cut it in half to get two 5 foot long pieces. They will be used as support for the base.

Then I used my Kreg trail and stopped to cut 4 pieces from a 2x4 into roughly 16-7 / 8 ".

The stop helps to ensure that all 4 pieces are exactly the same length.

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Images and project courtesy of 3x3Custom - Tamar

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