Sharp Miter Angle Jig

I needed a 70º cut for my Dowel guitar stand, but my miter saw cannot cut at such a steep angle! I made a single-use jig for this project but decided to make a jig that I could have around it and could cut any angle I needed.

The principle behind this template is simple. All we have to do is create a new fence at a fixed angle.

This angle will be our new zero on the miter saw and will make up for the missing angles your saw cannot cut!

This template consists of:

  • A base roughly the size of the base of your miter saw.
  • Two fences with 45º miters at the end.
  • Two triangular support blocks.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about How to Cut Every Angle On Your Miter Saw

Source: 3x3Custom - Tamar

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Images and project courtesy of 3x3Custom - Tamar

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