The Best Wood for Cutting Boards

The proper cutting board is easy to clean, delicate on your knives and looks great. So what kind of wood should you buy? We find the best wood for cutting boards.
When it comes to kitchen utensils, a durable wood cutting board is one of our essentials. The only question is: what kind of wood is better? There are many options: acacia, teak, maple, bamboo, walnut, even Japanese cypress!

Use the guide below to decide which type of wood is right for your kitchen. Then follow our tips for expert cutting board care!

What is the best wood for cutting boards?

We use all kinds of wooden cutting boards on the market. And the winner is clear: board. Sarah Farmer, who leads the Taste of Home culinary team, says: “We like our cutting boards the way we like our syrup, the maple variety. It is durable, prevents bacteria growth, is easy to use, and looks good. "

The table cutting boards are also easy to clean and sanitize. But remember that regardless of the wood used, all types are porous and can absorb the juices from raw meat. Instead, simply set aside your wooden cutting board for table-ready foods like herbs, vegetables, fruits, bread, and cheese.

End grain cutting boards vs. edge beads

Another thing to remember when buying a cutting board: The terms "end grain" and "edge grain" refer to the part of the wood that is used to build the board. The end grain is the end of the wood (where you can see the rings) and the edge grain is the side of the wood (where you see a familiar wood grain pattern).

The two types of cutting boards are easy to distinguish because end-grain cutting boards have a distinctive checkerboard pattern made of multiple fused wood "spikes." Boards made from edge grains feature the more traditional cutting board appearance.

so which is the best? It depends on your personal preference. End grain boards are more expensive but easier on your knives. Edge grain boards are more durable, easier to maintain, and more affordable, but they will make your knives dull faster.

Top-rated board cutting boards

Now that we've introduced maple as the best wood for cutting boards, it's time to get one! For a classic board that will last a lifetime, we love this John Boos Edge Grain Chopping Board. It has a timeless reversible design and is the perfect size with plenty of room to cut.

We also love this Boos Ultimate Grain board, which has rave reviews and comes in ten sizes. For a smaller board with a personal touch, take a look at this beautiful maple wire cutting board.

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