Wood Finishes That are Food Safe

What finishes are safe for food?
The short answer is, everyone. Some finishes used to contain lead like a dryer, but this has been banned for years.

The key is to allow the finishes to dry completely, which takes up to 30 days. There are basically two types of finish: oil, which penetrates the wood, and film-forming, which remains on the top of the wood.

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Did you know that these are the five best finishes that every carpenter should have on hand?

If your wooden bowl or cutting board has been mistreated with knives and utensils, use an oily finish like tung, mineral, linseed, or even an edible oil like olive oil or walnut oil. Just update the finish as needed with another coat of oil. Film finishes develop cracks with heavy use.

These cracks allow water to enter the wood but do not allow easy escape, and repainting involves sanding the entire piece down to the bare wood. If your item is not used for cutting, a film finish is fine.

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