Beautiful Wildrose Market Bag

Wildrose Market Bag

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Pattern: Wildrose Market Bag


Find below the complete pattern with included diagrams of this beautiful Wildrose Market bag that is made up of 13 granny squares sewn together in a special way.

This eye-catching bag uses a variety of crochet stitches and is very durable with strong mercerized cotton and a dense strip with the vest stitch. You will see that it is very easy to follow the step by step. This bag is the perfect way to carry your purchases, the beach, and travel items!

Enjoy This Tutorial About Crochet Bag

  • This bag is constructed of 13 granny squares that are seamed together in a special way.
  • The granny square design used in this market bag is the Wildrose Granny Square with one additional round (Round 7).
  • The first four rounds of the granny square may curl/puff out, but the last couple of rounds and blocking will help flatten the granny square. If you want the granny square to be very flat, you could try using a 3.25 mm hook for those initial four rounds.
  • Do not worry if your granny square dimensions vary slightly from the gauge given: your overall bag will just turn out a little bit larger/smaller.
  • Once all 13 granny squares have been crocheted, they are laid out in a special arrangement and seamed together using the whip stitch.
  • Stitches are then picked up along the top edge of the bag to form the top edging and strap worked in rounds. Subsequent rounds are worked in the waistcoat stitch for a dense edge and strap with less stretch.
  • Stitches are then picked up along the inner edge of the strap and top edging of the dip of the V to form a wider and more secure strap.
  • Blocking helps to relax the fibers and ensures the squares lay flat.

Wildrose Market Bag

Find here this special pattern

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Wildrose Market Bag

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