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Free checking accounts allow users to deposit and withdraw money. You can use them to deposit income, pay bills, make direct purchases, and more.

The best free checking accounts are easy to open, require a low minimum deposit, and charge no monthly maintenance fees. They can also offer benefits like rewards, higher APYs, free electronic statements, and are insured up to the federal limit by the FDIC.

The best free checking accounts of 2021

Best Overall: Axos Bank Rewards Checking Account
Best for Military Families and Veterans: USAA Classic Checking
Best for Students: Chase Bank College Checking Account
Best for Seniors: Axos Bank Golden Checking
Best for Small Businesses: BlueVine Business Checking
Best for Freelancers: Lili Free Checking

Final verdict

There are many options for the best free checking accounts: Some free checking accounts do not offer monthly fees; however, issuing a wider network may reveal more benefits, such as a high APY or no minimum deposit, than you will find in BlueVine Business Checking.

However, Axos Bank offers the best checking account on the market. Its high APY outperforms most savings and checking account interest rates and zero monthly maintenance fees, zero overdraft fees, and no balance requirements make it the best option for those who use their debit cards frequently.

How to choose the best free checking accounts

When looking for the best free checking account, you may have specific requirements for your needs. In addition to the completely free verification, please observe the following criteria before making your decision:

Hidden Fees - Many banks and other financial institutions don't put their fees front and center. You may need to research the "truth in economics" disclosures on the financial institution's website to get a complete picture of their costs and hidden fees.

Access to ATMs - In the world of online banking, you don't always have access to a wide variety of ATMs. However, with a checking account, you want to make sure you don't run out of money wherever you go. Check the ATM locations of various financial institutions before selecting the best free checking account for you.

Mobile App Ease of Use - You should be able to easily switch between checking your savings account and checking account on a financial institution app. You can also look for a mobile app that offers other savings tools that can help you achieve your goals.

APY: Not all checking accounts offer APY, which is the amount of interest you earn in a single year. It also includes compound interest. The best free checking accounts offer a solid APY for you to earn money from your account.

Free Checks - Some financial institutions, such as Ally and Axos Bank, offer free checks. You probably won't make your free checking account decision based on this, but you can offer a piece of the puzzle to influence your decision.

Overdraft - When you make transactions that exceed the amount in your bank account, it is an overdraft. Overdraft protection lets you avoid overdraft fees when you don't have enough money in your account.

Free checking accounts vs. traditional checking accounts

While free and traditional checking accounts have some similarities, there are some differences. For example, traditional checking accounts often offer the bare minimum: checks, a debit or ATM card, and online bill pay.

You typically have access to a traditional financial institution in relation to a traditional checking account, and they may have fees or minimum balance requirements.

Free checking accounts are usually connected to a bank online only. You rarely pay a monthly maintenance fee and few (if any) overdraft fees. Online banks generally charge less for miscellaneous fees because they don't have the same level of overhead that a traditional financial institution must pay.

Often there is also no minimum balance requirement and a higher APY is offered on the account.

Be sure to compare all fees and other costs before making a final decision on what type of account to use.

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