How to Get Lender-Approved for a Loan With Bad Credit

Borrowing with bad credit can be challenging. Not only is it harder to get approved by a traditional lender, but you can also pay more in the form of a higher interest rate.

You may have heard that private loans are a good alternative to traditional loans, and in some cases, this is true. Understanding where and how to borrow with bad credit can help you securely obtain the funds you need with the right private lender.

Private loan basics

As the name suggests, they are loans obtained from a private lender. They fall into one of two categories:

Loans from a non-institutional lender (that is, not from a bank or credit union)

Non-Government Student Loans

Like traditional lenders, private lenders offer a variety of loans for personal and business use. But since these lenders generally don't follow the same high regulatory standard as traditional lenders, they tend to provide an easier path to qualify for those with bad or insufficient credit (and less paperwork). In some cases, they may even offer more favorable and flexible terms for a loan (a shorter repayment period, for example).

You're probably ready to get a loan anywhere except a bank, but don't rule out community banks and local credit unions. These small institutions may be willing to lend when you have bad credit. Instead of facing a rigid set of rules, talk to a lender to discuss your options.

A traditional loan from a bank or credit union is infinitely better than borrowing from an abusive lender who imposes exorbitant fees and interest charges.

Obtaining private student loans

If you are applying for education loans, there are two basic types of loans: federal loans from the government and private loans from non-federal lenders, including banks and credit unions or state agencies.

Federal loans are often your best option if you have bad credit because they don't require a credit check (except for PLUS loans) and they offer fixed interest rates and income-based repayment plans.

It is often advisable to exhaust these sources before resorting to private student loans. That said, there are limits to the amount that is borrowed each school year and throughout the course. If you need more money and want to choose between a fixed or variable interest rate, you can get it through a private loan.

Banks and other financial institutions

Most students have little or no credit or income history, making it difficult to prove to the bank that you can repay a student loan. However, you may be lucky if you get a private loan from a community bank or credit union, or from a financial services company.

To get approval from a private lender, you will likely need to apply directly to a bank or other financial institution and pass a credit check. If your own credit reports are spotty, you may need to apply for a loan with a more financially established guarantor (who assumes all risk of the loan with you) to increase your chances of approval.

Student loans are considered easy to obtain and difficult to repay. Borrow as little as possible and think about how to repay these loans after graduation.

State agencies

These are student loans from state or state-affiliated organizations. Loan benefits vary by loan, but can include low interest rates, late accrual of interest, and a grace period before repayment begins. Also, some of these loans can be disbursed directly by the school.

Generally, you will need to apply directly through the state agency offering the loan. In addition to completing an application, you may be asked to demonstrate your application status and financial need (for a need-based loan).

Real estate or private mortgage lenders

Mortgage companies and brokerages, as well as other private lenders who specialize in real estate, also offer residential and real estate loans to those with bad credit.

Real estate investors who are buying for the first time or who buy and sell homes regularly (and therefore often need substantial loans), will especially benefit from working with these private loan sharks.

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