How to Write a Check

Although less common than before, checks are still widely used, even in today's digital world. Paper checks are an effective and inexpensive tool for moving cash, but you probably don't write a check every day (or maybe you've never written it before).

Writing a check is easy and this tutorial shows you exactly how to do it. Go through each step one by one, or just use the example above as a template for the checks you need to write.

You can complete the steps in any order you want, as long as the finished product is not lacking in vital information. In this example, you will be moving from the top to the bottom of a check, which should help you avoid skipping steps.

Here's an overview of the perfect check

Current date: write near the upper right corner. In most cases, you will use today's date, which helps you and the recipient keep accurate records. You can also post the check, but it doesn't always work as you think.

Payee: On the line that says "Pay the order," write the name of the person or organization you are paying for. You may have to ask "Who should I go to?" if you are not sure what to write, because this information must be accurate.

Amount in the numeric format: write the amount of your payment in the small box to the right. Start writing as far to the left as possible. If your payment is $ 8.15, the "8" should be near the left edge of the dollar box to avoid fraud. See examples of how to write in value.

Amount in words: write the amount in words to avoid fraud and confusion. This will be the official amount of your payment.

If this value is different from the number format you entered in the previous step, the amount you entered in words will legally be the value of your check. Use all capital letters, which are more difficult to change.

Signature: Sign the check legibly on the line in the lower right corner. Use the same name and signature on file with your bank. This step is essential: a check will not be valid without a signature.

Note line (or "To"): If desired, include a note. This step is optional and will not affect the way banks process your check.

The note line is a good place to add a reminder of why you wrote the check. It can also be the place to write down the information your payee will use to process your payment (or find your account if something is missing).

For example, you can write your social security number on this line when paying to the IRS, or an account number for utility payments.

After completing the check, record the payment. A check register is the ideal place to do this, whether you use an electronic or paper register.

Registering the payment saves you from spending the money twice; the funds will continue to appear as available in your account until the check is deposited or cashed, and this may take a while. It is best to write down the payment while it is still fresh in your mind.

Before you write a check, make sure it's really a must-do. Writing a check is complicated and it is not the fastest way to move money. You may have other options that make your life easier and help you save money. For example, you can:

Pay bills online and even have your bank automatically send you a check every month. You will not need to write the check, pay the postage, or receive the check in the mail.

Take a debit card and spend it. You will pay with the same account, but you will do it electronically. There is no need to use checks (which you will have to reorder) and you will have an electronic record of your transaction with the name of the payee, the date of payment and the amount.

Set up automatic payments for regular payments like utility bills and insurance premiums. There is usually no charge to pay this way and it makes your life easier. Just make sure you always have enough money in your account to pay the bill.

Regardless of how you choose to pay, make sure you always have sufficient funds available in your checking account. Otherwise, your payments can "go up" and create problems, including high fees and potential legal problems.


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