7 Reasons for YELLOWING LEAVES in Houseplants


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Yellowing Leaves in Houseplants

In this video, you will learn the top seven reasons why our indoor plants test yellow leaves and how we can fix them.

Yellowing of indoor plant leaves can be caused by a number of conditions. Sometimes the cause is obvious, so you can diagnose and fix it right away. Other times the problem is more mysterious. In these cases, you should try to make one change at a time until you notice improvements in your system.

Even after correcting the problem, the yellow leaves can fall off over time. Don't worry, when the plant is healthy again, the new leaves can fill the next growing season. Growing plants is always a matter of patience. Do your best to eliminate these common causes of yellowing leaves and see what happens.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Plant Tips and Tricks

Source: My Wasteless Life

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