Growing Pineapple Plants at Home

Growing Pineapple

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How to Grow Pineapple

The pineapple that you grow yourself, even if it is smaller, is much tastier than the pineapple that you buy and practically free. You can grow a decent pineapple at a grocery store.

The fruits of the pineapple come from the bromeliad Ananas comosus, native to America. They earned their name near the European colonization of the New World when it was thought to resemble traditional pineapples.

In fact, pineapple is a bromeliad and can be grown in conditions similar to many other bromeliads. As the plant matures, it emits a typical flower stalk, except that instead of a blooming bract, the pineapple emerges on a hard thorn. From a botanical point of view, pineapple is actually the composition of the many flowers and fruits of the plant that come together to form a single fruit. As the fruit matures, new branches appear from above and the shifts usually arise from below. Each of them can be divided into a new pineapple.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Planting Fruits

Source: Garden Nam

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Growing Pineapple

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