How NOT to Water Your Houseplants

NOT to Water Your Houseplants

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10 Plant-Saving Tips!

This video will help you learn what NOT to do when watering your houseplants.

How to Avoid Killing Your Indoor Plants and Water Properly:

1. Don't Mist! The action is in the roots, not the foliage.
2. Don't give it just a little sprinkle. Soak the entire root ball slowly and evenly when you water!
3. When houseplants are in low light, they don't need as much water! Check the soil so you don't overwater them!
4. Do NOT need a watering schedule! Plants do not need water on a schedule. Only water those plants that need it.
5. If you are bottom-watering your plants, don't let them sit in water!
6. Ice cubes: stay away! Ice cold water may shock your plants.
7. Rainwater: use it if you can collect it, but use it right away! It will get stinky over time.
8. Don't Over Water Your Plants. And then don't Under Water your Plants to compensate.
9. Feel the Soil: if the top inch or two appears dry, check the entire base of the plant or use a moisture meter before you water. Probe all the way around the plant and at different depths as well.
10. Plants in bright light require more water! These plants need to be watered more often than others. Drench them slowly and evenly. all the way through.

Enjoy The Video Tutorial


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NOT to Water Your Houseplants

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