How to Make a Beautiful Natural Garland

In this step-by-step video tutorial, you will learn how to make a beautiful garland made from evergreens and pines, straight from your backyard or local garden center, to decorate any space in your home this holiday season.

As well as adding a festive touch to your party decorations, the manufacturing process is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Folded over shelves and hung from fence posts, a fluffy foliage garland is a staple of holiday décor, and nothing beats the realistic look. Keep scrolling and let's start!

Step 1: Creating the base

Making a garland requires two stages of tying the foliage. Start by making a background or "base" structure by wrapping jute rope with small cuts of fir or pine using green floral wire; then analyze this base with the actual vegetation that will be seen in the finished garland.

The greenery you use for this base can be anything - in the tutorial, they used some Spring Grove, Polar Gold, and Colorado Blue Spruce.

To make the inner base, start by cutting the length of jute yarn you want for the finished garland. Then tie small foliage clippings to the jute string with the floral wire, overlapping the foliage as you go. Pull the floral string tight as you wind, making sure to anchor the foliage in place.

You don't want any part of the base to come loose or move. All of this can be done quickly and it doesn't have to be pretty as it will be completely hidden when the garland is ready.

Step 2: Making the garland

After covering the entire length of the thread with small cuts of fir or pine, you are ready to begin making the proper garland. Start by cutting branches of whatever leaves you are using into pieces about 6 to 8 inches long.

You want to cut these pieces off the larger branches, avoiding the thick, stiff stems that will prevent the finished garland from flowing and bending; it must be covered without the rigid rods interrupting the flow.

Step 3: Trim the garland

Once you reach the end of the garland, that's it! Now, use scissors to trim off any pieces of foliage that stick out and interfere with the cylindrical silhouette you tried to create.

Step 4: Get ready to hang up

Raise the entire garland to get an idea of ​​how heavy it is. Consider where your garland will hang and choose the right accessories to hang on walls, doors, and cornices; If you are twisting it into a handrail, you can use zippers to secure it.

Step 5: Add some lights and hang up

Before hanging the garland, turn on the flashing lights (if desired) and orient well your garland so that the plugs have easy access to a nearby outlet or extension cord. Finally, just hang it wherever you want.

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Source: Garden Answer

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