How to Make a Calcium Spray for Tomatoes Plants

During the summer, your flower beds are blooming beautifully and your first vegetables are forming in your garden. Everything seems to be sailing smoothly until you see pasty brown spots on the underside of your tomatoes.

Flower tip rot on tomatoes can be extremely frustrating, and once it develops, there isn't much you can do except wait patiently and wait for the problem to heal as the season progresses.

However, using calcium nitrate for tomato flower rot is a preventative measure that you can take early in the season. Read on to learn how to treat flower tip rot with calcium nitrate.

Calcium nitrate is water-soluble and is often placed directly into the drip irrigation systems of large tomato growers so that it can be introduced directly into the root zone of plants.

Calcium only rises from the roots of the plants to the xylem of the plant; it does not descend from the foliage to the phloem of the plant, so foliar sprays are not an effective way to provide calcium to plants, although soil-watered calcium-rich fertilizers are a better option.

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Source: ehowgarden

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