Ornamental Grass For Sun Gardens

If you are looking for plants for a full sun area, try planting sun-loving ornamental grass. Full sun ornamental grass is interesting year-round, easy to grow, and there are dozens of varieties on the market.

Not all ornamental grasses like the full sun; some like a bit more shade, so be sure to read the following about ornamental sun grass before planting it in full sun.

Not all ornamental grasses are created equal. Some, like many reeds and tufted grass, prefer partial shade, while others, like Junina grass and North Sea oats, prefer full shade.

That said, there are many ornamental types of grass that worship the sun.

Ornamental grass in the full sun

So you want to grow ornamental grass in full sun. No problem. First, you must identify what type of habit you are looking for. Some herbs clump together and others scatter.

Scattered grasses are generally taller with a more "wow" factor, while clustered grasses form small mounds. Almost all ornamental grasses are perennials that go dormant in the fall or winter.

Some, like bamboo, are evergreen. Some are branches of grasses or shrubs, while others form complex rhizome systems.

In height, ornamental grasses can range from a few centimeters (3 cm) to a staggering 65 feet (20 m) or more. Know what to expect before investing in ornamental grass in full sun.

Types of ornamental full sun grasses

Sedges (Carex) ornamental reed types generally prefer partial shade, but will also thrive in full sun as long as they have moist soil.

These evergreens are perfect for planting larger or even containerized trees and shrubs and are low-growing ornamental grasses that love the sun.

Fescue is a very popular ornamental herb for the sun; in fact, it even appears in some lawn mixes. Some of the most popular include blue, California, atlas, and sheep fescue.

Fescue of any type is considered low-growing.

Indiangrass (Sorghastrum) is a group of feather-seeded native prairie grasses that are perfect for open, sunny meadows.

If you are looking for ground cover, liriope species come in widespread, clustered forms that tolerate both sun and shade.

Other low-growing ornamental grasses that grow 1-3 feet in the sun include fountain grass, love grass, and bluegrass.

Full sun ornamental grass varieties

Ornamental grasses varieties that reach 4-5 feet (1-1.5 m) tall include rod grasses such as' Shenandoah Red 'or ' Northwind '.

Small blue-stemmed grasses like' Prairie Blues' or 'Standing Ovation' and smaller grasses like 'Purple', 'Karley Rose' or 'Red Head'.

Larger ornamental grasses are spectacular, but remember that you need adequate space for them.

Many of these larger grasses grow almost as tall as they are and may need cuttings, especially in windy areas.

If you're looking to make a statement, try planting one of these large 6 - 10 foot (2-3 meter) ornamental grass specimens in full sun.

Pampas grass is a classic ornamental herb revered for its splendid white feathers (or pink in the case of pink pampas).

Tall damsel grass, like 'Goldbreeze', is another good choice for ornamental grasses that like the sun.

However, it can be invasive and cultivars with wider leaves may need to be cut back.

Lastly, Ravenna grass, often mistakenly called "pampas grass", is one of the tallest ornamental grasses for the sun; they often reach 3 m or more. This herb can also be invasive.

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Source: Garden Answer

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