Tips & Tricks to Repot Philodendrons and Aroids

Common houseplants like Pothos, Philodendron, Alocasias, Monsteras, ZZ plants, Aglaonemas, Arrowhead vines, Colocasia, and others are aroids.

Aroid is a common name for a large species of plants in the Araceae family.

There are more than 100 genera and 3,750 species of Araceae plants, most of which come from the tropics, although there are some temperate species.

Many aroid plants are ideal for growing indoors. The deep green foliage is attractive year-round, even when the plants are not actively flowering, making for interesting visual appeal indoors.

In this video, you will discover all the tips and tricks for transplanting philodendrons or any other plant from the spectacular aroid family!

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Source: Nick Pileggi

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