10 Simple and Stunning Macrame Knots & Patterns

Step into the world of macrame, where the art of knotting transforms simple cords into stunning works of art. With just a few knots and patterns, you can create beautiful pieces that add a touch of handmade charm to your home.

In this tutorial, we'll explore 10 easy macrame knots and patterns that are perfect for beginners.

Perfect to create a gorgeous wall hanging or a stylish plant hanger, these knots and patterns are versatile enough to use in a variety of projects.

As you knot and create, you'll discover the meditative and therapeutic benefits of macrame.

It's a hobby that allows you to slow down and connect with your creativity, as you focus on the rhythm of the knots and the beauty of the finished piece.

So, grab your cord, and let's dive into the world of macrame.

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Source: Jotopie

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