10 Things Not to Do When You Have an Outdoor Party

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10 Outdoor Entertaining Mistakes to Avoid

Celebrate good weather with an outdoor party. You want any party you host to go smoothly, so be prepared in all aspects of planning is essential.

Whether you're having a pool party, a backyard barbecue, or a rooftop gathering, avoid these mistakes to make sure your guests are having fun.

Not Having Enough Food and Beverages

It can be difficult to know how much food to prepare for a given party. That is why it is important to have a count of how many to expect. Still, you may want to do a little more to keep people from starving.

It is also good to have more food in case someone shows up unexpectedly or someone brings an advantage that you have not been told.

You also don't want your guests to be thirsty, so make sure you have enough to drink. If serving alcoholic beverages, provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages as well to keep people hydrated.

Not Providing Insect Repellent

Even if you allow unexpected guests to enter your party, there is one type of guest you don't want: mistakes. Flying insects can make your guests unhappy when they should be having fun, so don't forget to provide some type of bug spray for your outdoor party.

You can place repellants around the area and also provide insect repellent for guests who seem to attract more insects.

Not Having Enough Seating

You need enough seating for all of your guests to sit. It can be a combination of tables, patio furniture, and grass blankets if the ground is dry.

Place furniture in conversation groups so your guests can enjoy each other's company. Don't worry if everything doesn't match up, because your guests probably won't mind. They are at your party to socialize, not to judge.

Not Planning for Rain or Wind

When planning your outdoor party, you've probably double-checked and double-checked the weather report.

However, even if the forecast calls for clear skies, you know how unpredictable the weather can be and anything can happen. It is essential to have a backup plan in case it rains or the wind starts to blow everything around you.

Not Planning for Temperature Fluctuations

As the sun goes down and the temperature drops, you still want your guests to feel comfortable. In addition to providing plenty of blankets and blankets, there are several heating options you can consider including fire pits, hot tubs, and others that are designed for outdoor living and entertaining.

Or it could be as simple as having some blankets and sweaters on hand for people to wrap up.

Not Being Prepared for Accidents

One thing you don't want to happen at your party is someone having an accident and getting hurt. But you know it can happen when you least expect it.

Have a first aid kit handy if you need it, and I hope you don't. This kit should include items for cuts, scrapes, burns, and insect bites.

Forgetting to Be a Good Neighbor

An outdoor party can be a double-edged sword. You want your guests to be entertained, and this usually involves music, loud conversations, and people hanging around the property.

However, it can get chaotic and things can get out of hand very quickly. Since you will have the same people living around you long after the party is over, you don't want to be seen as a bad neighbor.

Remember that your neighbors deserve respect. One of the things that can avoid problems is inviting your neighbors to your event. However, if you can't do this, at least let them know that you are dating some people and ask them to inform you if they are being bothered.

When determining the size of your guest list, you will need to consider the amount of parking available. Your neighbors can be generous and offer your car tickets, but don't expect them to. Whatever you do, make sure your guests don't block your neighbors' driveways.

Refusing to Ask Others to Bring Food

Instead of providing all the food to your guests, take a break and ask everyone to bring a plate to share. You can provide meat for the grill and drinks.

Having a potluck will give guests more options and everyone will take a personal interest in the party. Very few people object to being asked to bring something to share with others.

It's fun to have more variety on the buffet table. You can even ask people to share their recipes if they bring anything unusual.


Don't wait until the last minute to buy soft drinks, set up the outdoor space, and start getting ready for the party. While it's easy to procrastinate, make a to-do list a week before the event, a few days before the party, a day before having fun, and the day your guests will gather.

Spreading your tasks will take a lot of pressure and will allow you to feel like you've accomplished something at every step. You'll also have a much better time at the party, as you didn't have to run at the last minute.

Not Planning Enough Activities

Your idea of ​​a great outdoor party could be one that revolves around food and conversation, and that's good. However, it helps to have some activities scheduled to keep the party from ending.

Think of games and icebreakers that help your guests participate and interact with each other. Also, take a few steps to start a conversation and avoid awkward silence.

You don't have to withdraw all of your activities at once or right away. It's great to have a few things you can do if the party starts to get monotonous, like card games, board games, and cards to start a conversation.

Outdoor game nights can be a lot of fun.

If your guests don't already know each other, providing name tags and an introduction can help prevent awkward situations. Even if they don't keep their name tags for the entire event, it comes in handy when meeting other guests.

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Source: Southern Living

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